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Whats love got to do with it?

Posted by Danny Baci on April 4, 2011 at 12:25 PM

So now that im a married man and I married into a Muslim family allot of ignorant people have made silly remarks or asked the question in a form of insult "So your a Muslim now?"......... Not that I have ANY problem with the Muslim religion or its people as many FOX news watching bigits do, I did not convert to Islam. My wife and I got married because we love eachother, love has no rules or boundries and my wife doesnt live like a Muslim. 

Though she was raised by a very strict Muslim family, and has strong feelings about her religon she doest live her life as a Muslim she's like anyother normal person and accepts anybody and everybody for what ever god they may beleive in.

She/we are not going to lie to you, blow up your house in the name of God or anything so take a second and grow up if your that closed minded, bitter, FOX news believer...... I know its hard Fox news can make to believe anything, direct your mind like a pupit and make you jump out of your seat like the worlds going to end after your done watching it.

Me im not a religious man I believe in no GOD, I think every religion has something good to share, I take whats good from all  and live my life in peace. Religion vs. Religion= thousands of years of blood shed

I do believe in  Prince Siddhartha and his spiritual journey to Enlightenment before becoming the Buddha but I disagree with how "like every relgion" they have twisted the teachings tell people how they should live through the years and keep making new rules and teachings.

I will imbrace my wifes religion and respect her families wishes for her sake, but we will continue to live our lifes as we always have and thats as best friends, lovers and soul mates with a respect and understanding of eachothers beliefs.

On another note it is WELL known that Muslim ladies treat their husbands better them any other religion, so far she has proven herself more then good enough to be my wife, and im very lucky to have her. :)



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Reply oz
3:41 PM on January 21, 2014 
Just read your article about you and your wife. (whats love got to do with it). 1st your right you are lucky to have her. You guys look like a very happy couple. I am happy for both of you. My girl, I hope soon to be finance is from Thailand and I'm from Trinidad and Tobago. Its tough cause I see how some folks look at us. But I don't care. she is by far the best women I've ever dated and I could not be more happy. Good luck to both you and her and your video production. I have a video production business as well.

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